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When small business owners think about their cybersecurity and working on their resilience from cyber threats, they usually consider protecting against hooded hackers, hastily working to get their hands on sensitive data, or in general, external threats. While protection against malicious attackers, ransomware, phishing, social engineering, DDoS and other cyber threats for SMBs should be…

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Colonial Pipeline, a major fuel pipeline connecting the entire East Coast was hit with the largest-known cyber attack on U.S. energy infrastructure. The security incident which was followed by a shutdown of the pipeline led to panic buying of gas and a sharp price jump. The type of cyber attack behind this devastating incident was…

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When you switch on the news you hear all about data breaches and cyber attacks on household names. In 2020 alone we’ve seen the likes of Twitter, World Health Organization, Zoom and Marriott hotel chain falling victim to malicious attackers. This can oftentimes paint a picture that data breaches and elaborate cyber attacks only happen…

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