6 Reasons Why Your Web Site Needs to be Mobile

Here are 6 good reasons why you should consider making your web site mobile compatible:

  1. Growth: In November of 2010, mobile browser usage had gone up to 4% of total usage share worldwide.  These are your clients.  Make sure they can find out about your biz.
  2. The iPod Touch: This device is one of the fastest growing ways that people are accessing web content.  The price is low, it’s portable and all you need is wifi, no contract.
  3. Spur-of-the-Moment Purchasing: When people are on the road, they refer to their phones for buying decisions.  If they happen to need a pizza while in the car, they should be able to order from your web site easily.
  4. Competition:  Other businesses are thinking of this and making fantastic mobile sites to attract customers.
  5. Relevance:  While technology may not determine the quality of service that one will receive from a business, having a well-formed on line presence shows a dedication to the brand that people notice.
  6. Cool Icons:  In the world of mobile web, it’s all about excellent icons.  Make sure that your mobile web site has icons that show off the brand while communicating the pathway of information on the site.

Altitude Integrations offers mobile web site development to businesses and organizations all over the country.

We help small business grow through the smart use of technology.

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