Benefits of Managed Services for Business IT

Why Managed Services Makes Sense for Your Business.

Altitude Integrations is rolling out its new Managed Services offering to our clients starting on January 1.  Here are some of the advantages ofManaged Services Boulder Denver using a service like this instead of traditional ‘fix it when it breaks’ IT:

  • Control Costs:  The systems required to run a business are more complex now than they were a few years ago.  If a system is poorly managed, it can easily cost more than it’s worth in the first place.  The benefits of technology should always outweigh the costs.  By having a fixed fee for that baseline of support, budgeting becomes more predictable.  Of course, there will always be incidents that can be considered ‘Acts of God’ in the world of IT, but most of IT support can be predicted.  And it should be predicted.
  • Consistent Systems:  It’s important for employees to know how to get help when they need it.  As an example, users who are covered under the Altitude Integrations Managed Services offering can report an issue by calling, emailing or sending a request right from the desktop agent.  By having all of these options, the end user can get their problem resolved more quickly.  Quickly resolved problems lead to better up-time.  Better up-time leads to more productivity.  More productivity leads to a happy business.
  • Increased Knowledge:  Hiring an individual IT administrator for a company only gives you the abilities of a single person.  By leveraging the knowledge and experience of an entire IT team, companies get more value for their dollar.
  • Service Level Agreement: By having an agreement with a company, you have a certain agreement from that company to provide a certain level of service.  You do not need to worry if one of the technicians got sick this morning or needs a raise.  The support company worries about those problems.  Worry less.

For the past three years, Altitude Integrations has been providing high quality IT support for businesses along the front range.  We have been offering this service on either a retainer basis or pay-as-you-go.  The problem with this model has been that we have been reactive with our clients’ issues.  Traditionally, they have  notified us when there is a problem.  This means that we are usually  seeing them when things are not working well.  Putting out fires is not fun for anybody.

As an alternative to being reactive, we decided to invest the necessary time and money into the development of a proactive system that will allow for 24/7/365 monitoring of any computer or server.  This means that we will be immediately notified if there are any problems with a client’s computer.  These issues might be very small when we discover them, but it means that they will not grow into larger issues.

Managed Services is a great fit for IT administrators who do not want to deal with the support burden of the desktops in their company.  By freeing up this service, they can focus on the IT strategy development of the company and the other high-level needs of the organization.

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