Case Study: North American Property Services Inc. and Google Apps

Altitude Integrations provides business IT support, web site design and computer repair services to clients in Colorado. We began working with North American Property Services (NAPS) in 2010 to provide basic desktop support for their Windows-based environment.  NAPS provides a wide range of facility management services with a special focus on janitorial services to clients all across the United States.

NAPS was looking to increase the efficiency of their operations as they increased their staff and took on new contracts.  Their existing Windows environment experienced too much downtime for their operations.  They were also looking to move away from the high costs of license upgrades every few years.

We proposed the move to Google Apps in August of 2010 to their management team.  After much discussion, it was decided to test the platform with a test bed.  Their operations team was very interested in testing out the system, so we set up those 10 users on the test bed.

After 3 months of testing, it was decided to move the entire company over to the Google Apps platform.  Altitude Integrations provided in-depth training to all users prior to switching over to this new system.  After the switch, the training continued to ensure everyone in the company felt comfortable with the new interface and features.

google-apps-cloudWhile all of the features of Google Apps were revolutionary to the company, Google Docs really stood out as a game-changer.  Being a national company, they need to collaborate with users in remote locations.  The real-time collaboration features of Google Docs had a significant impact on the productivity of the entire company.

Over a year and a half after migration to Google Apps, the team was ready to discover the power of Google Forms.  While this tool was covered in the initial trainings, it took a need to realize how great this tool is.  The team put together a simple feedback form to ensure high standards of quality with their clients.  The team was amazed with the simplicity of this system and were dumbstruck that it was part of their Google Apps suite the entire time. The gift that keeps on giving.

“We seem to keep uncovering the most fantastic tools in this ’email’ system you set us up with last year.”– NAPS Head of Operations

NAPS has been able to scale their staff while not incurring additional costs to rebuild their IT infrastructure.  They can scale their company with predictable costs.  Their clients have seen the benefits of these powerful tools in the level of service they have been receiving.  The employees love the increased freedom to work from anywhere using tools like Google Chat.

For North American Property Services, the right collaboration tools have allowed them to continue to provide the high quality of service that the company is known for.  This allows them to remain relevant in an ever changing business climate.

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