Dear Partners,

We are carefully watching the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and Altitude Integrations is actively taking steps to ensure the safety of your staff, our staff and the continuity of your operations.  We have been conditionally conducting business over the past 2 years remotely on a semi-recurring basis in order to educate our partners through our experience on the benefits of cloud and remote operations.  Because of this preparedness and our cloud operations, we are completely ready to support your organization without interruption if either your or our locations were to be impacted.

For the time being, we’ll conduct business as usual and put an emphasis on remote support when/if possible. We understand how personal your computer and office environment is and want to reassure you that our staff will be equipped with extra sanitation measures for you and our staff’s protection during any on-site meetings or service.  These extra measures will include each member of our team having hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes with them to sanitize themselves and any piece of hardware they touch.  Also, our staff has been instructed to wash their hands according to CDC guidelines before and after on-sites & meetings and stay home from work if they feel they have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 and/or feel ill.

Additionally, we would like to offer some free resources relevant to the current situation and your organization:

  • COVID-19 Prevention
  • CDC Travel Recommendations
  • Remote Communication:
  • HBR Article: Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis
  • Basic Technology Tips & Reminders For Remote Work:
    • If you already have home or remote working capabilities now is the time to test its functionality.
    • Leverage the Cloud when and where possible for communication, productivity, and security.
    • Review your Business Continuity plan.
    • Take inventory on laptops, tablets and/or phones in preparation for remote work.
    • Establish remote access to desktops and/or servers that cannot leave the office.
    • Reduce the use of shared computers and workspaces.
    • Ensure shared workspaces are cleaned more regularly with proper sanitation products.
    • Increase the use of video and audio conferencing.
    • Examine the impact of extended supply lines on purchases.
    • Improve cyber-security awareness. Phishing and spear-phishing attacks do & will increase in these scenarios.

During this uncertain time, we want to put focus on the wellbeing of our partners, our staff and the community as a whole while doing what we can to prevent the spread of this disease.  For further tips and guidance please reach out to us.


Brett Ramberg

 Brett Ramberg
 CEO | President
 phone: 303-351-1787 X-104
 physical: 263 2nd Ave, Ste 102, Niwot, CO 80544
 mailing: PO Box 176, Niwot, CO 80544
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