Eco-Cycle and Altitude Integrations Partner To Bring Computer Recycling to Downtown Boulder

Come to our Eco-Cycle/Altitude Integrations Partnership party! Register on Facebook or Altitude Integrations’s website to attend.

Boulder,  Tuesday, October 25 – Downtown residents and businesses now have a nearby option for computer recycling, thanks to a new partnership.

Eco-Cycle – the non-profit that brought recycling to Boulder in 1976 – and Altitude Integrations – Boulder’s fastest growing IT support company – are joining forces to provide a downtown drop-off location for recycling computers.

“We want to make it as simple as possible to do the right thing environmentally,” says Shaun Oshman, founder and CEO of Altitude Integrations. “Way too many computers end up in landfills, taking their toxic components with them.”

Boulder residents and businesses can now bring obsolete or unwanted computers to Altitude Integrations’s Pearl Street location. For a small fee they will be taken to Eco-Cycle’s Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM) to be recycled domestically using the greenest, most socially-responsible practices available, recovering nearly 100% of the materials.

This is the first official CHaRM satellite drop-off center for outdated electronics.

“When businesses in the community work with us to create recycling solutions for their customers, we call it a ‘partnership for responsible recycling,'” says Dan Matsch, manager of the Eco-Cycle CHaRM. “Electronics are among the most important materials to recycle and keep out of landfills, and we’re grateful to Altitude Integrations for partnering to recover even more of them.”

According to the EPA, Americans recycled less than 20% of their electronics and sent 2.6 million tons of consumer electronics to landfills and incinerators in 2009. Such electronics typically include lead, cadmium, beryllium, and brominated flame retardants – all deadly contaminants that threaten environmental and public health.

“The ideal thing, of course, is to get your computer fixed instead of throwing it out,” said Oshman. “iSuppportU is here to help with that, but when repair isn’t  an option, responsible recycling is the next best thing .”

Residents and businesses can drop off desktop and laptop computers, flat-panel monitors, printers, power supplies, keyboards, cables, mice and cell phones as part of the partnership.

To celebrate this new partnership, Altitude Integrations and Eco-Cycle, along with 10 for Change,  are hosting a party on November 10 at Altitude Integrations’s location at 1825 Pearl St, starting at 5:00 pm. This event will also benefit September High School and a $10 suggested donation is requested for the school. Attendees must register on Facebook or Altitude Integrations’s website to attend.


Altitude Integrations is a Boulder-based IT company dedicated to providing personable solutions that simplify a technical world. It provides computer and smartphone repair, as well as business IT and website design. Visit https://Altitude

Contact: Christina Savage


Eco-Cycle is one of the largest non-profit recyclers in the USA and has an international reputation as a pioneer and innovator in resource conservation. It was created 35 years ago by everyday Boulder residents who had a passionate belief in conserving our natural resources.


 Come to our Eco-Cycle/Altitude Integrations Partnership party! Register on Facebook or Altitude Integrations’s website to attend.

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