Five frustrations you can forever forget with Google Apps

At Altitude Integrations, we oppose misery. It’s a controversial claim, to be sure, but we’re standing by it.

That’s why we try to offer our clients simple solutions to complex technical problems, and we frequently start by setting businesses up with Google Apps. It’s a great service that makes running any business easier. Here’s an overview of what it does.

Simply put: Google Apps makes using a computer less frustrating, and gets out of the way so your business can get back to getting things done. Here are just a few frustrations you can leave behind, forever.

1. No More Syncing

It’s a familiar situation for many: start up your email client and you need to wait a few minutes as everything syncs up. In time your new email, your calendar and contacts from other computers sync up, and only then can you finally get started on your work.

If you use Google Apps in your browser, though, you’ll never need to wait. Open your browser and everything is waiting for you, up to date and ready to go. It’s your calendar, email and contacts, instantly.

2. No More Document Email Chains

You’ve done it before: emailed a document to your entire team, asking for feedback. All ten members of your team edit the document and send it back to you. Now you’ve got ten documents, all with different changes and notes, that you need to somehow stitch together.

Stop the madness! With Google Docs you can edit your documents on the web and see changes made by your co-workers in real time. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to get things done without it.

3. No More Slow Email Client

Seen this lately?

Stop seeing it. With Google Apps there’s no bloated software crashing on your desktop, or generally running far too slow to be usable.

Of course, if you like your email client you can keep using it; Google Apps works with all of them. Life without an email client is far less stressful, though, so we recommend going without.

4. No More Migrations

Got a new computer? With Google Apps your email, calendar, documents and contacts are ready for you, instantly. All you need to do is log in. Best of all: it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a PC, a Mac or anything else; it will work.

All of your information is at your fingertips on any computer, any time.

5. No More Overpriced Services

What is your company paying for email access? If it’s more than $50 per user  per year, it’s too much, because that is the absolute most you will pay to use Google Apps. If under 10 people work for your company, it might be less than that.

So switching to Google doesn’t just save you time; it can also potentially save you a lot of money every year.

How to Get Started?

Like the idea of Google Apps, but don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in. We’ve set a number of respected Colorado companies up with Google Apps, including Avery Brewing, Pedal to Properties, North American Property Services and Boulder B-Cycle. We’d love to help you out next, so please get in touch with us.

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