Five Programs You Seriously Need To Start Using

It’s a new year; resolve to find some new software.

Our recent post, five programs you seriously need to stop using, attracted a lot of interest and its fair share of controversy. That was fun, but let’s start 2011 different.

Enough negativity; here are some programs we think are just plain awesome. You will too.

1. Dropbox

This program is so simple, so elegant, so mind-bogglingly useful, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

A folder on your computer – the “dropbox” – is automatically synced with the web. This alone makes it a great backup service, but it’s not all the program can do.

No, the real wonder here happens when you install Dropbox on multiple computers. Files are synced between all of your systems, meaning you’ll never have to mess around with a flash drive or emailing files to yourself ever again. Files you need are on all of your computers, automatically.

As if this weren’t enough, you can also access your information on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and just about anywhere else via a web browser.

Check out Dropbox now. You won’t regret it.

Need more information? Check out the unofficial Dropbox manual, edited by our very own Justin Pot.

2. Chrome

There’s simply no browser this fast and usable. Google’s browser focuses on the modern web, where the distinction between webpages and applications is blurred. It does a good job at that, because webapps–such as Gmail, WordPress or

Not a heck of a lot else needs to be said; just go ahead and download Chrome to see what I’m talking about.

Runner-up: Firefox

Not so sure about Chrome? Some of us as Altitude Integrations still prefer Firefox, a solid browser with a familiar interface. If Chrome isn’t your cup of tea, go ahead and download Firefox to try out something else.

3. VLC

VLC has long been a favorite of geeks, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love it. This video play can open any video file, and that’s not an exaggeration. Files that other players, like QuickTime or Windows Media Player, struggle to play work quickly and easily with VLC. Even if you don’t want to use it for every video you open. VLC is a program worth having around just in case you might need it.

Download VLC now; you won’t regret it.

4. WordPress

Stop calling your web developer every time you want to change a few lines of text. Set up WordPress on your web server and take care of your website yourself.

WordPress is an open source content management system with an insanely simple backend, giving you the power to change content on your website whenever you wish.

Our website runs on it. We set up clients‘ to run with it. We can’t recommend it enough.

Go ahead and read more about WordPress. Interested, but not sure if you can get WordPress set up on your own? Give us a call; we specialize in setting up WordPress and teaching how to best make use of it.

5. Microsoft Security Essentials

How much are you paying for antivirus software? Too much, if it’s anything at all. Our favorite antivirus is a free antivirus, and it’s provided by Microsoft.

Sporting a clean user interface, a no-nonsense approach to bugging the end user and protection consistently ranked higher than the likes of Norton and McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials is arguable the best antivirus on the market.

That’s it!

So, there are five programs you should seriously start using. If you have any favorites we missed, fill us in in the comments below. We love to learn.

If you need a hand getting the most out of any of these programs go ahead and get in touch with us. We love setting up good software for good people.

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