Five Programs You Seriously Need To Stop Using

If you have kids you’ve probably explained to them, time and time again, that “everybody else is doing it” is not a good reason to do something. And yet, if you look at the software you use every day on your computer, can you really explain why it is that you use it?

Probably not. If you’re like the vast majority of computer users you’ve stuck with the software you know simply because it’s familar. That’s okay, but you’re not necessarily getting the most out of your technology.

With this in mind, we a Altitude Integrations wish to present you with 5 programs you seriously need to stop using. We hate seeing people unhappy with their computers, and that’s why we’re dedicated to ridding the world of these programs once and for all!


Pain. That’s what I feel every time I get a call from someone complaining Outlook is slow on their computer.

There are two main ways of making Outlook run quickly. The first is to purchase a used supercomputer next time your local university or research institution holds a garage sale. The second is to not add any email accounts, contacts or calendars to the program.

In either case, though, what you really should be doing is switching to the cloud. Gmail offers the best email user interface on the planet, and is mind-blowingly fast to boot. Also, being from Google, you know search functionality is going to work well for you.

Combine this with Google’s excellent Calendar and contacts support and you’ll never have to wait for Outlook to start up again. I know the idea of leaving the familar Outlook interface behind is scary, but believe me: you’ll get more done without it. We can even set up Google’s software to run on your domain, so give us a call.


Some people, to be fair, use PowerPoint well. The vast majority, however, seem to be using this program in an attempt to rid the world of conciousness once and for all.

If you have to use PowerPoint (and really don’t) use it as it’s meant to be used: as a visual supplement. Summerize your points to make them digestible, or offer charts and media that help clarify your point.

Do not put your entire speech on the screen and read off it. If your presentation includes a two-line sentance you’ve already lost my attention, and probably everyone else’s.

Preparing PowerPoint slides can help you feel less nervous if you’re not used to speaking, but you shouldn’t let it become a crutch. Your audience will notice and you won’t make your point well.


Just because something costs money doesn’t mean it’s any good. Though conventional wisdom states that “you get what you pay for,” it’s good to remember that many people paid a lot of money for snake oil.

In this century people pay for bloated antivirus programs that underperform compared to free ones. Microsoft Security Essentials, for example, catches more malware than either McAfee or Norton and is completely free. If you haven’t made the switch already you really should; your computer will be faster and you’ll be safe. Plus, you’ll be saving money.

Not sure where to get started? Give us a call.


This one’s just evil. Take a perfectly functional computer. Install QuickBooks on it. You now have a slow, useless computer.

At least, that’s the series of events we’ve seen transpire time and time again. And every new release, it seems, the problem is even worse. So many components of Quickbooks start at boot that simply installing the software can significantly reduce your systems performance.

Solutions for this problem include the garage sale mentiond earlier and uninstalling the software. There are alternative tools out there, believe it or not, and we can help determine which is right for you. Get started on reclaiming your computer’s inherient awesomeness by giving us a call.

Internet Explorer

It’s slow. It’s vulnerable to malware. It kills kittens. And a lot of the web doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to using it. (Don’t believe me on that last point? Ask a web designer. The kitten thing I made up.)

If you didn’t know you had a choice when it comes to browsers I highly recommend you check out Google’s Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Both browsers will increase the quality of your life and make you a better human being, so check them out.


There you have it: five pieces of software that, if we had our way, would cease to exist. If these programs are causing you psychological harm please give us a call. We can help. As your local tech therapists we specialize in helping you deal with the pain bad software inflicts on us all, so stay in touch with us.

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