Get to Know Your IT Support: 4 Reasons You Should Hire Altitude Integrations in Boulder

If you’ve worked with an IT Support company in the past, chances are that pieces of the following scenarios will sound familiar to you:

Scenario A) You call your IT tech support in a panic when your system goes down, you are rerouted to a different country, and you are given complicated explanations that fly over your head before you finally throw up your hands and say something to the effect of, “Okay, well, can you just fix it so I can get on with my life?”

Scenario B) You call your IT tech support and have the line answered by a machine. The machine reads you all the options you can select, but none of those options align with your needs. Everyone in your office is panicking because your email is down, and so you just start pressing buttons on your phone, hoping one of them will connect you with a live person. Somehow, that strategy works, and a human finally picks up the phone! You tell them what happened, and they say that you reached the wrong department. You’re put on hold while they transfer you…

Scenario C) Your IT support only works through tickets, which you have to submit online. You go onto their website and follow the example posted, spend time composing it, hit submit, then wait. After what feels like eternity – because running your business depends on your computers functioning properly – you receive a curt and unhelpful response to the ticket you submitted. You scour the website for a phone number and finally have to submit another ticket asking to be called. You then wait for 24 hours to be called and they ask you what’s the issue.

Be in Control of Your IT Support with Altitude Integrations

These things don’t happen with Altitude Integrations because we are like no other Business IT Support and Consulting company. We pride ourselves on being personable, accessible, proactive, and prominent members of the Boulder and Denver communities.

If you’re tired of battling it out with your average IT company, here are four good reasons why you should choose Altitude Integrations:

  1.     Whereas the attitude of most other IT companies is impersonal at best, and downright rude and condescending at the worst, Altitude Integrations regards itself as people-centric. We believe that to form successful, lasting relationships, it’s important to get to know our clients, your business, and how we can be your best ally. After all, if we don’t understand what you need and the direction in which you want to grow your company, how can we intuitively support you? For this reason, Altitude Integrations doesn’t offer a standard business plan for our clients. We know that the key factor in being a successful company is that you’re different from the rest. So a one-size-fits-all plan would never work. The first thing we do when working with you, as a new client, is to sit down with you for a free consultation. We assess your business goals and the issues you typically face with your current systems, and we decide together whether we’d be a good fit.
  2.     When you choose to work with Altitude Integrations, you won’t feel alone when technical difficulties come up. No more spending hours on the phone or sitting in front of your computer, waiting for someone to respond to you when it’s convenient for them. Because we’re local and people-centric, we’re there for you when you have a problem. If there’s an issue, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at (303) 895-2222.
    Further, when you need our help, we want you to understand what we’re saying, so that you feel included on the process and can even quickly and effectively fix the problem on your own, should it happen again.
  3.     When working with Altitude Integrations, you might not ever find yourself calling our support line in a panic. Part of what makes us stand out from other IT Business and Consulting companies is that we are huge proponents of preventive care. Just like when it comes to your personal health, it’s important to address any potential issues or technical problems with your business systems before or when they first arise – this will keep them from growing and causing other, more severe problems. If a business is interested, we schedule an IT support technician to visit your office once a week or month. When you can’t afford to have your own IT department, regular on-site upkeep is the next best thing.
  4.     Altitude Integrations isn’t just local; we’re locally conscientious. This means we take care of our community in ways that extend far beyond IT services. E-waste – waste from electronics and technological devices – has become a gigantic nightmare for third-world countries. Wetlands, parks, rivers, forests – you name it – have been transformed into toxic dumping grounds for the discarded e-waste of more prosperous nations. Altitude Integrations not only refuses to be party to this egregious lack of responsibility, but we have teamed up with Magic Recycling to ensure responsible recycling of e-waste. The processing is done in the US and most of it is done right here in Colorado. The Altitude Integrations team supports a green lifestyle and office environment – we love our bikes and support the local non-profit CarShare, and our focus on cloud-based solutions means we don’t require an overwhelming amount of energy to power in-house servers. We even participate in zero-waste programs and use LED office lighting.

At Altitude Integrations, all of our energy goes into how we can best serve our clients and our community. When you hire us, you’ll be working with a tightly knit team of sharp, intuitive, and friendly technicians, who are excited about what they do and the businesses they work with. We love our clients, and they love us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We help small business grow through the smart use of technology.

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