IT in Education: How to Make Sure the Teacher Knows More About IT than the Student

Technology has grown so fast over the past couple of decades that there seems to be more experts outside of the IT field than within it. Some would go so far to say that students (in and out of school) seem to have an innate ability to navigate their way around software that even challenge programmers. So how can we make sure that today’s teachers stay ahead of their savvy students?

Altitude Integrations aids teachers with direction from our experts in network management, servers, desktops, and phone systems. If you’re in the position of fielding questions from smart and fast students, you’ll find Altitude Integrations’s training and support not only helpful, but in many cases just plain necessary.

A recent article in InformationWeek addressed the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of IT professionals who can perform procedures they’ve been taught, but they still are not able to think through a problem. This means they need to identify symptoms, analyze causes, look at solutions and implement the appropriate one. This state of affairs introduces the obvious: IT people are looking for answers and how-to sessions that they sorely need just to keep up with yesterday’s technology. On the fly, continuous and up-to-date classroom learning is essential – the kind of education offered by Boulder’s Altitude Integrations team on a regular basis.

What do Teachers Need?

Ironically, teachers are expected to know more than what’s humanly possible. Students are generally interested in a specific field while teachers need to relate to students with an array of interests. Therefore, teachers need to be versed in productivity programs, technical problems with hardware and software, web resources, search skills and troubleshooting.

Technology has spread so far and wide that now teachers are fielding questions about how to edit movies and videos, how to work with sound programs for audio recording, how to work with digital images, how to build websites, and how to use social networking for the greatest benefit of a client.

How Prepared are Teachers to Teach for the Future?

Technology is now the backbone across all industries. Everyone needs a website, every type of business runs on computers, and without computerized technology the world comes to a grinding halt. For this reason, students are pushing the pace to find out what’s possible in terms of practical application, and how to solve problems. Teachers need to be taught how to provide clear, concise and intelligent answers. To do this, they have to become students, whether they teach in private schools, public schools, corporate settings or small workshops.

The challenge continues to be keeping up with today’s technological advances and ever-expanding applications. Fortunately, for those who need it the most, Altitude Integrations recognizes the importance of continuing education. It’s not uncommon for students to pull ahead of their teachers, leaving them in the proverbial dust. If you’re a teacher, you’ll be glad you discovered Altitude Integrations’s support and training. Information knows no bounds.

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