IT for Teachers, IT for Schools, Altitude Integrations Boulder DenverInnovations in technology have impacted every facet of our daily lives, including our educational institutions. The classroom of the future will be able to seamlessly connect lesson plans, homework, and assignments through the web. Teachers and students will be plugged in and their learning environments will be as well. Our kids are already embracing everything technology has to offer in their free time, so it is only a matter of time before their schools are totally wired. Some already are!

Altitude Integrations has over 10 years of experience in education and is excited to offer support to schools. Our goal is to provide all of our clients, from independent businesses to schools, with a reliable and highly functional tech infrastructure. We are proud to offer our services to educational institutions as they move forward in connecting their classrooms and curriculum.

Altitude Integrations has built a reputation for excellence since 2009 and with each passing year, we are able to grow the quality of the services we provide. We bring our years of expertise to our clients and assist them with day-to-day IT operations, as well as preventative support and problem solving. These services include server and desktop support, remote monitoring, training and network optimization. We are excited to bring these same services to local classrooms and to work with educators to improve their systems and knowledge.

Students today are actively consuming the latest and greatest technology. Teachers and administrators can’t afford to use class time to catch up with the latest technological innovations or day-to-day operations. Altitude Integrations is able to use our robust monitoring and support tools, along with our consulting/support/training services, to provide solutions and prevent technology problems before they come up. Excellent tech support will prevent lost time spent attempting to fix problems during school hours and will result in an improved learning environment. We want to educate teachers and administrators, so they can better teach and use technology.

Even with cut-backs in education, Altitude Integrations offers reasonable rates for the personal touch you need with the support you deserve, all at a price your school can afford. A full-time IT department is expensive, but we can fulfill that role to ensure the teachers shaping our future have what they need to succeed. By offering consulting, support, and training in the field of technology, we hope to work with our clients to succeed in any environment.