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Put your books in the cloud and never waste time installing, updating or worrying about software again. Sounds good, but don’t know where to start? Sign up for “Accounting In The Cloud”, a class by Altitude Integrations.

Desktop accounting software is great but not without its limits. Maybe you’re a PC user who’d prefer to be a Mac user; maybe you recently purchased a tablet and wish you could access your accounting software from it. Or maybe you just want to be able to manage your books regardless of which computer you’re using, so you can occasionally work from home.

Whatever the case, there are clear advantages to switching to a cloud-based accounting system. In this class by Altitude Integrations, our Dollars & Sense expert Greg Koeka will teach you what to expect in terms of migration, user interfaces and security. Find out if cloud-based accounting is right for you.

From QuickBooks online to Working Point, there are no shortage of cloud-based accounting options out there for you and your business. Find out if they’re a fit for you.

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