Sign Up Now: Computers 101, a Class by Altitude Integrations

Ignorance isn’t necessarily bliss.

To those without knowledge computers are mystical boxes necessary for life and work. This makes even the slightest computer problem a terrifying ordeal.

“What’s wrong?”
“Why isn’t this working?”
“Will I lose all of my stuff?”

Want power over such anxiety? Gain knowledge. Consider joining us for “Computers 101“, an upcoming class by Altitude Integrations. You’ll find out what’s inside a computer, what those parts do and why they are important to you as a user.

Hard drives, processors, RAM, graphics cards – they all serve different roles. Find out these roles are, and how they affect your computer’s performance, in this affordable class from Altitude Integrations. Taught by Stephen Boni, Altitude Integrations’s resident Pit Boss, this class will teach you how your computer works so you can stop worrying and love your computer.

Ditch the ignorance; gain confidence.

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We help small business grow through the smart use of technology.

Is your business technology helping you grow or slowing you down?

Wherever you are in the world, we can help your business grow.

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