The Best Free Internet Tool Ever?

If This Then  ThatIf you haven’t already, you need to check out iftt. This site is amazingly user friendly. It’s a basic logic problem: If this, then that. Plug in ‘this’ and ‘that’ and you’re on your way to automate some of the Internet’s most popular social media tools.

Want to link your blog to your facebook? How about getting a text message every time someone in your area is selling an iPhone under $100? Simply plug in the sites you want to automate into the equation and boom, you got it. Sit back and relax as the internet checks your favorite sites for you. And with the recent high volume of traffic to this site, you can choose from thousands of already written “recipes” to plug in, or write your own for a custom function. And if you didn’t have enough reasons to check this out, its totally free. No advertisement, no anything. Just a bold easy to use website to help us link the things we use everyday.

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