The Cloud: Business Continuity

As part of our Business IT Support Services, Altitude Integrations implements cloud services solutions for our clients and within our own office. In addition to many other benefits, cloud computing solutions provide fluid business continuity specifically through our accounting and payroll services and CRM services. VirTerrus, iSU’s cloud computing services partner, helps us to create a balanced and cohesive work environment for our clients. Learn more about the benefits of cloud computing services:

Business Continuity

Encapsulates the idea that workers have uninterrupted access to the data and applications their productivity depends upon. The same virtualized infrastructure that enables workplace flexibility or WorkSurfing also provides a highly effective foundation for maintaining business continuity through disruptions of all kinds – planned and unplanned:

  • cloud-service-austin-txRoutine system maintenance
  • Power failures
  • Critical system outages
  • Seasonal illnesses
  • More serious situations such as natural disasters –
    flash floods, fires, tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, etc.

Given the potential a disruption has to substantially impact a company’s bottom line, due to diminished productivity, lost revenue, missed opportunities, failure to meet service level agreements and customer defections… It’s no wonder that business continuity is the number one reason to virtualize your apps and desktops.

Business Continuity planning has most recently focused on failover and disaster recovery for the datacenter. However, this is only part of the solution. Employees need access to:

  • Files
  • Applications
  • Data
  • Communication and collaboration tools

VirTerrus and Altitude Integrations

Business continuity solutions offer applications at your fingertips, safe access to business assets, mobile device management, Windows app and desktop virtualization, file sharing, collaboration, remote support, and datacenter automation and recovery. This provides Business Continuity that is stress-free and reliable. 

  •  Disaster preparedness – streamline Business Continuity by taking advantage of
    virtual technology and numerous devices, eliminating the need for separate business continuity access tools and infrastructure
  •  Ensure the accessibility of IT services through
    swift, automated datacenter failover, load balancing, and monitoring capabilities
  • Deliver employees continuous access to their apps, data and collaboration tools during any kind of business interruption.
  • Safeguard and control private information accessed on any device and from any location.

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