The Cloud: Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktops are an easy solution to gaining access to your information whether you are in or out of the office. Altitude Integrations has collaborated with Virterrus to provide our clients with the ability to take advantage of all the benefits of Hosted Desktops through our cloud computing services. Through our Business IT Support department, the Hosted Desktops feature creates an efficient work environment through file sharing, remote access, better security and more. Read about all the benefits of hosted desktops with the cloud:

Hosted Desktops

Enable true mobility and workplace flexibility. Log in from any device (iPad, Mac, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), anywhere and from any network to receive your Windows desktop. This includes:

  • Line of business applications
  • Latest version of Microsoft Office suite and licensing
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • AntiVirus & AntiSpyware
  • Secure file-sharing, permissions, and collaboration spaces
  • Business continuity plan
  • Exchange email
  • Spam & Web Filtering
  • Business Data
  • Backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Technical Support

VirtualDesktopEvolve into Efficiency

Maximize employee productivity. Virtualize your environment. Desktop virtualization is a key component in the optimized desktop. When running an organization – it’s important to have a Vision and Strategy around application and desktop delivery. Enterprise Mobility. Designing, building, managing and maintaining the desktop virtualization infrastructure using the right technologies, corresponding vendors, and products is an important step. We understand those concerns and have chosen our portfolio of providers wisely. All use the top technology for virtual desktops, network infrastructure, and security.

Virtual desktops

Provide a technology upgrade and ensure your platform never becomes obsolete:

  • Save on large capital outlay (server recycle, workstation refresh, licensing and software)
  • Reduce CapEx and shift to Opex and a predictable, forecast-able, subscription based model
  • Increase Security
  • Easier management
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Enhanced scalability
  • On demand IT and services
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Considering a migration to the Cloud?

Instead of spending time and money yourself to address cloud potentials and solutions, we make it easier and safer to consume and maintain cloud services while reducing cost and risk. Leverage the technology solutions and providers already researched within our portfolio. This will allow your organization to focus on other pressing business needs while not having to invest the time to become a cloud expert.

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