The Cloud: Virtual Workspace

Implementing cloud services for our clients, allows them to create a virtual workspace which offers mobility and an overall increase in productivity. Altitude Integrations strongly suggests using cloud computing in and out of the office as it not only reduces IT costs, but provides easier transition when traveling or working from home. Our partner VirTerrus helps Altitude Integrations to ensure clients have the accessibility and usability of the cloud. 

Top 10 advantages of a Virtual Workspace

  1. Business continuity
  2. Data security & compliance
  3. Accessibility & workplace flexibility
  4. Accelerate business velocity by moving process to the worksite
  5. Reduced equipment costs, smaller carbon footprint, lower facility costs
  6. Easier management
  7. Enables WorkLife balance – increase employee retention
  8. Improve customer service quality, speed, and scalability
  9. Increase time to value with Mergers & Acquisition
  10. Drive business growth with higher productivity

WorkLife Balance

Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure HarmonyBalancing work and home schedules increases productivity and reduces turnover. Open a new office, hire new employees, and grow without the overhead of traditional IT costs. Attract and retain the best employees wherever they are. Virtualizing your environment enables rapid on-boarding of new employees, services, and workplace mobility for traveling executives, sales staff, or remote workforce.

Like it or not, employees are changing how they want to work. Studies show that companies who embrace this fundamental change in technology increase overall employee productivity and decrease overall wages as employees prefer flexible work environments over higher compensation.

We are a trusted advisor and can assist your business in getting out of the “between a rock and a hard place” problem of not wanting to have to become an expert in the details of cloud computing. We have researched what providers are reliable, financially stable, compliant, secure, and have the platform that will best fit your business needs, initiatives, and goals.

We help small business grow through the smart use of technology.

Is your business technology helping you grow or slowing you down?

Wherever you are in the world, we can help your business grow.

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