Increase Productivity

Remote access is key in company productivity. Altitude Integrations provides this service to its clients using cloud computing services through our Business IT Services department. We ensure clients can increase productivity with accessibility to apps and data from any place, easy communication and a strong security system. Altitude Integrations along with our partner VirtTerrus, promote an efficient work environment the cloud solutions.  

Workplace flexibility or WorkSurfing

3_web_surfingIs a concept and strategy based on getting work done in the right place by the
correct people at the ideal time. It is made possible through virtual computing, a model developed by Cloud Service Providers for centralizing IT resources and delivering them whatever device.

Businesses must be able to react to change quickly. Whether it is on-boarding or off- boarding new employees, rolling out new software packages, or allowing workers to access their information from wherever they are – traditional IT is not as robust, not as fast, and more expensive than comprehensive virtual solutions.

WorkSurfing strategies are changing the way people and organizations conduct business. by enabling full productivity outside of desks, cubicles, offices and customary work hours, organizations can save on real estate, travel, and costs of labor.

To produce results, a WorkSurfing strategy must address three basic remote access requirements:
  • Employees must be able to accomplish what they would if they were at their desk, with complete access to apps and data.
  • Employees need the ability to communicate and collaborate with co-workers just as easily as if they were physically in the same office.
  • IT must be able to secure and control business data to maintain protection, privacy and compliance.


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