We are rebranding as Altitude Integrations where we drive people and business outcomes through technology

We have very recently changed our name to ALTITUDE INTEGRATIONS.  The change coincides with the higher level of service we now offer and our continued focus to help organizations bring their technology environment to the cloud.  The biggest change that has come with our rebrand is how we approach technology transformations and support for our client’s.  Unlike other IT support firms, we focus on our client’s business first and technology second.

A business first approach is unique in our industry.  It’s very easy for a tech firm to look at supporting environments by requiring the organization to use their technology and only their technology.  Anything else is frowned at.  How does that work when every business is different and technology changes as fast as it does?  How does that work when the customers of these businesses are all different and they’re using different technologies to communicate with these companies?  It doesn’t.

We take pride in integrating emerging technology services, support and products to small, medium and enterprise level organizations.  Think of us as your outsourced CIO/CTO and technology department that is continuously vetting the latest and greatest technology in the industry, always looking for what can increase your firm’s productivity, collaboration and security while lowering costs, downtime and headaches.  We’re looking at the future together with our customers by guiding and teaching them while focusing on measurable business and people outcomes through technology, not just technology outcomes.

We help small business grow through the smart use of technology.

Is your business technology helping you grow or slowing you down?

Wherever you are in the world, we can help your business grow.

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