Wondering how your PC got infected?

NetworkWorld.com has a great article on where the majority of malicious software infections are coming from.  You’ll be surprised when you learn how new tactics are taking advantage of many parts of the computer you may not have considered vulnerable.

The 17 Most Dangerous Places on the Web

Threat 1 >> Malicious Flash files that can infect your PC
The Place: Websites that use Flash

Threat 2 >> Shortened links that lead you to potentially harmful places
The Place: Twitter

Threat 3 >> E-mail scams or attachments that get you to install malware or give up personal info
The Place: Your e-mail inbox

Threat 4 >> Malware hiding in video, music, or software downloads
The Place: Torrent sites

Threat 5 >> Malware in photos or videos of scantily clad women
The Place: ‘Legitimate’ porn sites

Threat 6 >> Trojan horses disguised as video codecs, infecting your PC with malware
The Place: Video download sites, peer-to-peer networks

Threat 7 >> Geolocation–your smartphone and perhaps other parties know where you are
The Place: Your smartphone

Threat 8 >> ‘Poisoned’ search engine results that go to malware-carrying Websites
The Place: Search engines

Threat 9 >> Malicious PDFs that try to fool you into installing malware
The Place: Hacked Websites, plus your inbox

Threat 10 >> Malicious video files using flaws in player software to hijack PCs
The Place: Video download sites

Threat 11 >> Drive-by downloads that install malware when you visit a site
The Place: Hacked legitimate sites

Threat 12 >> Fake antivirus software that extorts money–and your credit card information
The Place: Your inbox, hacked legitimate sites

Threat 13 >> Fraudulent ads on sites that lead you to scams or malware
The Place: Just about any ad-supported Website

Threat 14 >> Questionable Facebook apps
The Place: Facebook

Threat 15 >> Sites that lure you in, get you to sign up, then sell your e-mail address for spam
The Place: ‘Free electronics’ sites

Threat 16 >> Phishing 2.0 on social networks that tricks you into downloading malware or giving your Facebook login information to a criminal
The Place: Social networks

Threat 17 >> Oversharing–exposing too much personal information on your social network profiles
The Place: Social networks

We deal with clients’ virus and malicious software infections on a daily basis here and have a wealth of information and expertise to share with you.  Your best defense is to stay informed and we love to educate our clients on the best practices with regard to computer security.

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